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Tactical Casualty Care 

Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS)
First Responder Operational (FRO)
Active Shooter Response

16 Hour Tactical / Live Fire Range Course 
Course Cost: $500

Certifications upon completion:
16 hour TCC certificate including:
8 Medical CE hours
Stop the Bleed certification


Student course material provided.

All IFAK training materials provided.

*Body Armor REQUIRED*


California Emergency Services Authority (EMSA) accredited.


Sacramento Local Emergency Services Authority (LEMSA) CE Provider.


Stop The Bleed certification included.

This course features multiple instructors and maximum student value. You'll receive 8 hours of medical training and 8 hours of tactical training. This is a range oriented course / not a classroom course, with extensive live fire and medical drills.

Ankle Rig

Tactical First Aid is the general concept of techniques and training to render medical aid as quickly as possible to victims of violent injury. The Active Shooter course (16 hour) will help you identify and mitigate active assailant threats, and understand further concepts of event response.

* We supply all necessary IFAK training materials *



1. Principles, history, development, and rationale of enhanced first aid

2. Principles of Unified Response to a violent incident / active shooter response

3. Priorities of event response (win the fight, treat, evacuate, security, triage, transport)

4. Introduction and basic lifesaving skills (treating causes of traumatic injury)

5. Injury Assessments / Identify and treat the leading causes of preventable death

6. Use of the “IFAK” – Individual First Aid Kit, "must have items" and how to make your own kits

7. Principles of “self-aid” and “buddy aid”

8. Medical planning, threat assessment and “scene size up” to include triage

9. Tactical familiarization, movement & basics of room clearing 

10.  FINAL TRAINING EXERCISE (FTX) and written test


This course is for all first responders, police officers, security professionals, and individual enrollment. If you are a police officer, security professional, CCW / every day carry “EDC”, or want, or need to enhance your existing first aid training, this course is for you.

We supply the TCCC equipment for the course.  However, having your own IFAK increases your experience and familiarity with your equipment which can be a life saving advantage.  Don’t worry, you won’t use any expendable items from your kit.



1. Range appropriate clothing 

2. Body Armor required 

3. Handgun, magazines, holster, magazine carrier

4. 400 rounds ammunition  

5. Eye & ear protection

6. Notebook & pen 

7. Food / hydration (not readily accessible at the range)

8. Bring your IFAK kit for in-class evaluation 

TEMS / FRO Course:

You’ll learn to treat the leading causes of preventable death:

1. Extremity Hemorrhage

2. Tension Pneumothorax

3. Airway Obstruction

You’ll learn Rescue Task Force (RTF) principles and the priorities of event response:


1. Win the fight / stop the threat       

2. Treat the wounded       

3. Cover & Evacuate

We highly recommend North American Rescue INTERMEDIATE BLEEDER CONTROL KIT, as a start point:

NAR Intermediate Kit.jpg
Med Kit.jpg

Email for information:

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